The following forms are for ILR graduate students only. If you have any questions please contact the ILR Graduate Office.

Assistantships (online submission)

Degree Plans (print, complete, and submit to the Graduate Office)

Course Waiver Request

ILR Graduate Degree Programs Course Waiver Request Form (PDF, 41 KB)

Exception to Policy Petition

ILR Graduate Degree Programs Exception to Policy Petition Form (PDF, 58 KB)

Independent Study

ILR Independent Study Agreement (PDF, 19 KB)

Travel Grant Application (online submission)

ILR Travel Grant Application for MS/PhD Students

MS/PhD Research Assistance Application (online submission)

ILR Research Assistance Application for MS/PhD Students

ILR Application for Graduation (MILR only)

MILR Application for Graduation

Additional forms are available from the Cornell University Graduate School