Prefreshman Summer Program

Greetings and Welcome!

Whether you are visiting this page because you are interested in attending the ILR School or you have recently been accepted, this page provides useful information to help you understand what the Prefreshman Summer Program (PSP) is all about. The staff and faculty here look forward to witnessing the vast achievements of our PSP participants. To support their  Cornell education, some students are required to attend this program to jump start their Cornell experience and ensure a smoothe transition.

Summers in Ithaca are gorgeous! The weather is amazing and the town comes alive despite all the students being gone on vacation. PSP participants will have the opportunity to explore the town, attend the Ithaca Summer Concert Series, and other events planned by the town. Take some time to view the above video and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!


Cornell F. Woodson
Associate Director for Diversity & Inclusion
Office of Student Services
Phone: (607) 255-1515