Where You'll Live

This summer, all 190 of our PSP participants will live in the William T. Keeton House on the West side of the campus. Here you will have a roommate, study, attend events, and meet PSP students from other Cornell University colleges. Keeton House offers students walking distance to both the main campus and downtown Ithaca. In this building we'll have dinner together and meet with staff from various offices within the ILR School.

This building includes the following:

  • Study spaces on the first floor

  • Conference room

  • Computer lab

  • TV Lounge

  • Music Room

  • Laundry room

  • Vending machine

  • Patio 

To see more of your potential summer residence, check out the Google street view by clicking here.

Photo of Keeton House at Cornell University

Side view of Keeton House at Cornell University