Race Equity & Justice focused courses Fall 2020

Students have expressed interest in exploring classes that address racial equity and justice. To assist students in finding relevant courses, a list of courses has been compiled. Please view this Excel document for a list of course suggestions.
Dept. Number Title
AEM 1600 The Business of Modern Medicine
AEM 2350 Introduction To The Economics Of Development
AEM 3385 Social Entrepreneurship Practicum: Anabel's Market
AEM 4533 Federal Income Taxation of Low Income Taxpayers
AIIS 4300 Indigenous Peoples and Decolonial Philosophies
AMST 1104 Race and Ethnicity in the United States: Social Constructs, Real World Consequences
AMST 1500 Introduction to Africana Studies
AMST 1600 Indigenous North America
AMST 1802 Introduction to Latinos in U.S. History
AMST 2280 What is Public Health?
AMST 2600 Introduction to Native American Literature
AMST 2640 Introduction to Asian American History
AMST 3380 Urban Inequality
AMST 3434 Underground Railroad Seminar
AMST 3452 The Myth of America
AMST 4321 A Dilemma Revisited: African Americans, Inequality and K-16 Education in America
ANTHR 2421 Worlding Sex and Gender
ANTHR 2437 Economy, Power, and Inequality
ANTHR 3471 Race and Religion
ANTHR 3762 Law, Latinxs, Illegality
ASIAN 3388 Theorizing Gender and Race in Asian Histories and Literatures
ASRC 1500 Introduction to Africana Studies
ASRC 2003 Africa: The Continent and its People
ASRC 2020 Introduction to African Philosophy
ASRC 2212 Caribbean Worlds
ASRC 3310 Afro-Asia: Futurisms and Feminisms
ASRC 3505 Blaxploitation Film and Photography
ASRC 4733 The Future of Whiteness
BSOC 2051 Ethical Issues in Health and Medicine
BSOC 3111 Sociology of Medicine
BSOC 3231 Global Health Security and Diplomacy
COML 3300 Political Theory and Cinema
COMM 3110 Educational Psychology
COMM 4260 Gender and Media
CRP 1100 The American City
CRP 3270 Regional Economic Impact Analysis
CRP 3854 Special Topics in Regional Development and Globalization
CRP 4120 Devolution and Privatization: Challenges for Urban Public Management
CRP 4770 Seminar on Issues in African Development
DEA 1500 Introduction to Environmental Psychology
DEA 6650 Poverty, Children and the Environment
DSOC 1100 Perspectives on International Agriculture and Rural Development
DSOC 1101 Introduction to Sociology
DSOC 1300 Just Food: Exploring the Modern Food System
DSOC 2010 Population Dynamics
DSOC 2050 International Development
DSOC 2200 Sociology of Health and Ethnic Minorities
DSOC 3010 Theories of Society and Development
DSOC 3060 Farmworkers: Contemporary Issues and Their Implications
DSOC 3130 Social Indicators and Introduction to Social Science Research
DSOC 3400 Agriculture, Food, Sustainability and Social Justice
DSOC 4230 Gender and Health: Concepts, Data, Theories and Evidence
DSOC 4400 Community Food Systems Capstone
ECON 3710 The Economics of Risky Health Behaviors
ECON 3910 Health, Poverty, and Inequality: A Global Perspective
EDUC 2610 Intergroup Dialogue
ENGL 2770 Representing Racial Encounters, Encountering Racial Representations
ENGL 4550 Race and Time
ENGL 4912 Black Women’s Autobiography in 21st Century Writing
ENGL 4605 Black Speculative Fiction
FGSS 3206 Black Women and Political Leadership
FGSS 3720 Food, Gender, and Culture
FGSS 3754 Spoken Word, Hip-Hop Theater, and the Politics of the Performance
FGSS 4123 Archipelagoes: Cartographies of Race, Sound, and Sexuality
FGSS 4654 Race, Gender, Sexuality, and the Voice
GOVT 2817 America Confronts the World
GOVT 3032 Politics of Public Policy in the U.S.
GOVT 3401 Refugees and the Politics of Vulnerability: Intersections of Feminist Theory and Practice
GOVT 3715 Colonialism and Postcolonialism
GOVT 3785 Civil Disobedience
GOVT 4012 Labor, Class and Race in American Politics
HD 2820 Community Outreach
HIST 2755 Race and Slavery in the Early Atlantic World
ILRHR 2640 Diversity and Inclusion
ILRHR 3640 Diversity and Inclusion
ILRIC 4330 Politics of the Global North
ILRIC 4344 International Labor Law
ILRIC 4347 "Race, Inequality, and Labor: A Global Perspective
ILRLE 4450 Women in the Economy
ILRLR 1200 Introduction to Disability Studies
ILRLR 2060 Writing Seminar in Law- Socio-Legal Perspective on Disability
ILRLR 3047 Immigration and Public Policy
ILRLR 4075 Values, Rights, and Justice at Work
ILRLR 4372 Workers in the City: A Global Perspective
ILRLR 4842 Fighting Discrimination in the Workplace: Employment Discrimination and the Law
ILRLR 4842 Fighting Discrimination in the Workplace: Employment Discrimination and the Law
ILROB 2220 Controversies About Inequality
LATA 4000 Contemporary Issues in Latin - Latino America
LSP 2152 (Im)migration and (Im)migrants: Then and Now
PAM 2040 Economics of the Public Sector
PAM 3180 Health Disparities
PAM 3250 Neighborhoods, Housing, and Urban Policy
PAM 3280 Fundamentals of Population Health
PAM 3370 Race and Public Policy
PHIL 1650 Philosophy of Race
SOC 1101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 3150 Research Design, Practice, and Policy
SOC 3190 Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOC 3250 Neighborhoods, Housing, and Urban Policy
SOC 3430 Transformation of Socialist Societies
SOC 3680 Comparative Corruption
SOC 3770 Money, Work and Social Life
SOC 3850 Mass Incarceration and Family Life Course
SOC 5190 Workshop on Social Inequality
SOC 6460 Seminar in Economic Sociology
STS 2051 Ethical Issues in Health and Medicine