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Neha Dutta

Neha Dutta


Credit Internship

Thomson Reuters

Much of my time was spent gathering and analyzing data from Workday, a global HRIS system. I was given a great amount of responsibility and felt that my opinion and perspective were valued at team meetings. Based on the analysis, my team presented a set of recommendations to senior HR leadership; ultimately the proposal passed and Phase Two of the project was initiated (just as I was wrapping up my internship). I supported other initiatives during my time with Thomson Reuters and would definitely consider the work I did to be significant and valuable, not only to my team and the broader HR community but also the overall organization. Before the end of the semester, I received an offer to extend my internship into the summer.

My work with data integrity and reporting during my internship made me interested in finding out more about how companies can leverage information and data in order to make efficient people decisions. In an effort to learn more, I decided to enroll in HR Analytics (ILRHR 4664) this fall semester.

While I missed being away from Cornell last semester, I connected with a surprising number of Cornell alum working at Thomson Reuters, many of them being ILR graduates!

Working at Thomson Reuters has allowed me to learn so much about the corporate HR function while contributing in a meaningful way to an organization dedicated to providing intelligent information to working professionals. I had decided to pursue a credit internship because I wanted to have the chance to apply concepts I had learned in the classroom to the real world. What I found was that in addition to seeing the ILR curriculum in action, my experience ended up shaping my interests and will hopefully allow me to approach my HR Analytics course in a unique way. I would highly recommend the Credit Internship Program offered through the ILR School, it is unlike any other experience!

-Neha Dutta, BSILR '16