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Melissa Kelly

Melissa Kelly


Credit Internship

Major League Baseball

If you asked me to sum up my Credit Internship with Major League Baseball in one adjective, I would definitely use the word rewarding. But trying to compile all of my experiences in the last four months into a few short paragraphs is not an easy task. When Brigid told us that in the Credit Internship program you are asked to do “actual work” she definitely was not kidding.

 In the duration of my internship I was asked to complete a myriad of tasks in all different formats and for a number of different people. Although I was technically on the economics side of the Labor Relations department, I was also asked to do work for the legal side. The legal side included research projects to find information regarding past Collective Bargaining Agreements and the legal statutes that were used in them. The economics side of Labor Relations is where I spent most of my time, and where I really learned a lot about the field. As a fall intern, I was fortunate enough to experience the Arbitration process and how players are statistically valued. Through the utilization of MLB’s databases and Excel formulas, we are able to come up with a value that a player is worth based on their Platform Season performance as well as their Career.

What was fulfilling about this experience was the degree of freedom that my supervisors gave me not only in the tasks they assigned me, but also in how the assignments were completed. I was fortunate enough to be given the responsibility to meet high profile clients, which helped me mature as a worker and learn how to handle myself in those types of situations. The experience that I have gained from this internship is invaluable, and the skills I can take away will help me in my future. I am so grateful that I was fortunate enough to be able to be a part of the Credit Internship program and is the best decision I have made at Cornell.

- Melissa Kelly