Student Profiles

Hiba Azar, credit internship student

Hiba Azar


Credit Internship Program

Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability

I had the opportunity to work for the Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability during fall’17. The Institute helps to promote the involvement and full participation of individuals with disabilities both in the workplace and in society. My internship involved several different projects, but I was mostly concentrated on executing the Technology Changes Everything conference. Through panels, workshops, and keynote speakers, the conference focused on the impact of technology on people with disabilities and highlighted the critical opportunities that technology presents, namely in the workplace.

During my time at YTI, I was fortunate to work in a closely-knit workplace, alongside people who are as interested and dedicated to social change as I am. As someone who is passionate about disability rights and human rights, I appreciated the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to this important and necessary conversation.  An array of courses within the disability concentration sequence, including Introduction to Disability Studies, Disability and Employment Policy, and Global Comparative Disability Policy assisted me during my time at YTI. Further, Labor and Employment Law (ILRLR 2010), a required ILR course, was also very useful.

I would recommend that future students pursue a credit internship because it allows students to hone their respective skills while earning ILR credit.  I can say from my own experience that the credit internship further inspired me to pursue a career in social justice and heightened my awareness and activism.  I also chose to take more classes regarding technology’s impact on the workplace. My time at YTI went so well- I was offered a position for the semester following my internship!