For Parents

Typical Adjustments

Once your son or daughter is in their host city, s/he may experience some typical adjustment problems or culture shock. All students, regardless of their previous travel experience, maturity level, or preparedness may suffer some degree of culture shock.

In the early days or weeks of their semester off-campus your student may experience periods of frustration, anxiety, and even depression. This is a very common reaction that you should anticipate. Keep in mind that your student is more likely to call or e-mail during these low moments than when things are going well. This may result in the family having a more negative impression of the situation than actually exists.

We encourage you to communicate with your student and provide support when needed, but also anticipate these moments and understand them as the normal acclimation process. For more information on "Study Abroad Information for Parents" we recommend a great article by CIEE, a leading US non-governmental international education organization.