Weingarten, Reid & McNally LLC

Albany, NY

Weingarten, Reid & McNally LLC is an Albany based lobbying firm assisting labor unions, businesses, associations and individuals in their relations with State and Federal government.

The intern will work directly under the supervision of Steven B. Weingarten and Robert W. Reid.  Their duties will include the following:

  • Monitor the activities of the Legislature with respect to any pressing issues at the time.
  • Review and analyze legislation proposed by the Governor and Legislature in the areas of most interest to our various client groups, including the State Budget, economic development, the funding of social programs, etc.
  • Attend meetings of interest groups i.e. AFL-CIO, Business Council, NYS Chain Pharmacy Association, etc.
  • Assist in the preparation of correspondence to clients on Executive and Legislative matters concerning them.

In addition, the intern will be asked to participate with the Coalition For a Healthy New York, a coalition of health care groups and not for profit associations which is attempting to reduce teen smoking in New York State.  Activities shall include attending lobbying meetings, drafting legislative memorandum, press releases and assisting with setting up a coalition lobby day.

The above tasks will comprise the majority of the interns activities at Weingarten, Reid & McNally LLC.  However, in addition to these specific tasks it is our goal that the intern gain a working knowledge of New York's unique legislative process.  Other activities include attending meetings with various interest groups, writing reports and drafting memorandum.