FEX and WISP for Sponsors

FEX FAQ for Sponsors

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

How will I be matched with a student?

Students and sponsors will be matched through a lottery process in November. Students will select a FEX opportunity based on interest and accessiblity. After selecting an opportunity, the student will contact the sponsor to set up a mutually convenient date to complete the FEX.

Can I offer a FEX opportunity for more than one day?

Sure. You should discuss with the student a mutually agreeable time and duration when the student contacts you.

How will I be notified if a student selects me as a FEX sponsor?

Once students have selected their FEX positions, they will be given the contact information of their hosts. You should expect to hear from your extern in early December. In the event that your FEX opportunity is not selected by a student, you will also be notified during this time. We will help to find a student for your FEX opportunity.

WISP FAQ for Sponsors

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Are the dates for WISP flexible?

Yes. The WISP period runs over the winter break for students, which is mid-December through mid-January. Internships are typically two to three weeks in length, but the specific dates are flexible. Specific dates and timeline for WISP for a given season will be available in late September or October.

What if I want to reimburse travel expenses or pay the student?

Organizations providing monetary compensation or travel reimbursement to WISP students have the option to prescreen and select their intern(s). If you choose to pursue this option, it is critical that this be arranged well in advance with the WISP Coordinator.

How does the WISP selection process work?

Traditionally, for both WISP and FEX, students select their internship/externship from the pool of available opportunities through a lottery ranking process in mid-November. The only restriction placed upon students in their selection is that they must meet the minimum qualifications stated on the registration form by the employer. The one exception to this process is in the case of paid WISPs.

How does the WISP lottery work?

The WISP lottery is the process by which the majority of students are matched with their WISP internships. It is a unique placement method, in that a student has the opportunity to choose the employer rather than the other way around. This is intended to level the playing field for all participants, regardless of previous experience, and allow everyone equal opportunity to explore various career options.

A randomly assigned lottery time allows students to select their employer of choice. On the day of the lottery, students come in to the office with a list of top preferences and choose from all the remaining available opportunities.

How will I be notified if a student selects my project for their WISP?

Once students have selected their WISP positions, they will be given the contact information for their sponsor. You should expect to hear from your intern in early December. You will also receive your WISP student's resume and contact information. We will also notify you in the event that your WISP opportunity is not selected.


Contact Information

You may reach the FEX and WISP Assistants at (607) 255-0836 or ilrfex@cornell.edu / ilrwisp@cornell.edu.