Postgraduate Information

What Can You Do With an ILR Degree?

What do ILR students do after graduation? There are many job and career field options available to those who earn a degree from the ILR School, including corporate HR, labor relations, labor, government, law, non-profit, consulting, and financial services.

Results are available from the most recent surveys of postgraduate activities of Bachelor's Degree recipients and of Master's Degree recipients, showing starting salaries, geographic locations of first jobs, job titles and employers, sectors of the economy into which our graduates were hired, and other information.

In 2017, 81% of the students graduating from the Bachelor's program went directly into the workforce, at a mean starting salary of $57,635. 15% of the class went directly into graduate studies, with 10% going to law school and 5% pursuing other graduate programs. From the Master's (MILR) program, 98% went into employment, at a mean starting salary of $86,320. Please refer to the details in the below reports.