Tips to a Successful Recruiting Visit


  1. Complete online Interview Request Form.
  2. You may wish to hold a presentation or information session for ILR students in conjunction with your on-campus recruiting visit. Limit time of your presentation to one and one-half hours maximum.
  3. Enter or update job description in Handshake.
  4. Become familiar with Handshake and monitor résumé submissions.
  5. Be prepared to preselect and email students in Handshake (personally let them know they are invited to interview, as well as to remind students of any scheduled presentations or information sessions, or any forms you may need them to complete prior to their interview).
  6. To assist in filling your schedule, it's important to select alternates, in the event preselected students choose not to sign up on the schedule.
  7. Monitor schedule sign-ups in Handshake to see that your schedule is as you expect.
  8. Look for frequent email messages from Johanna Tuttle, Employer Connections Specialist, and keep in contact throughout the process.
  9. Establish a timeline for your recruitment goals.


  1. Provide clear expectations surrounding your recruitment process.
  2. Provide information about your organization, the positions you are recruiting for, career paths, and anticipate questions from a college-aged student audience.
  3. Provide opportunities for questions and networking.
  4. Please stay in touch with Johanna Tuttle, Employer Connections Specialist, if you have any changes, questions or concerns.


  1. Notify students regarding decisions and next steps in a timely manner. Students rely on the response dates you've established to make good decisions while considering their options. Employers who adhere to well-established and short timelines impress upon the student that they are truly interested in their candidacy.
  2. Consider establishing a contact person for consistency in communication and developing a personalized relationship with students.