On-Campus Recruiting

The ILR Office of Career Services hosts an active on-campus recruiting program managed through Handshake. Employers find on-campus visits to be a very effective way to identify prospective summer interns and full-time hires.

1. Schedule an Interview Date

The Fall 2018 calendar runs from September 12 until November 30; Spring 2018 runs January 28 until May 7. To request a recruiting date for 2018-19, please visit career.cornell.edu. Once your reservation request is complete, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail, with instructions for arranging your on-campus visit. For any questions about recruiting at ILR, please contact our ILR Employer Connections Specialist, Johanna Tuttle, at 607-255-2724 or ilrcareerrecruiting@cornell.edu.

2. Enter your Job Description

Once your reservations have been confirmed, your next step is to post your job description(s) online on Handshake. Your job posting will not be approved and go live to students until it has been attached to your Interview Schedule. 

3. Manage your Event/Interview Schedule

Once your recruiting event (room reservation, job posting, interview schedule) has been ‘Approved’ by our office, students can begin submitting resumes. You will also see that the “Timeline” has been adjusted; these dates let you know the deadline for students to submit their resumes and your window to select candidates you wish to interview. To request any changes, please contact Johanna Tuttle.

You can view your job description, note the timeline, and view submitted resumes (as well as cover letters and transcripts if you selected these to be submitted. After the resume submission deadline has passed you can begin inviting first choice students/candidates to interview (“Make Primary”) and selecting “Alternates” (second choice candidates). You are encouraged to select as many primary candidates as you have interview time slots available and up to five alternates.

Note: 30 minute interviews=13 interview slots, 45 minute interviews=9 slots, 60 minute interviews=6 slots. Upon request we are sometimes able to adjust your schedule to fit in an extra interview by starting your interviews earlier and removing your 15 minute breaks. (A standard interview day is 8:30am-4:30pm, with two 15-minute breaks and a 1-hour lunch break)

You can also view your Interview Schedule as it fills. If you wish to make changes to your schedule (Change start/end times, interview length, etc), please contact Johanna Tuttle prior to selecting your primary candidates. It is much easier to adjust a schedule before students have signed up.