Summer Funding

ILR has alumni-funded awards to provide assistance to undergraduates (first-years, sophomores, and juniors) and graduate students (first-year MILRs) who have secured unpaid or minimally paid summer internships. All applications, for both ILR undergrads and grads, are submitted through the Student Assembly Summer Experience Grant (SASEG) portal. You need only apply once, and we will consider you for the SASEG and for any applicable ILR funds. Please note: The SASEG application portal is managed through the College of Arts and Sciences, but all ILR applications are forwarded to our office for review.

BSILRs: In addition to ILR funds, you can also apply to the Student Assembly Summer Experience Grant (open to undergraduates).

MILRs: Apply through the SASEG portal to be considered for the ILR awards (you are not eligible for the actual SASEG funding noted above, but your application will be reviewed for ILR funding).

In order to be eligible for any of the funding sources, you must have secured an internship offer. Funding will not be awarded for internships one hopes to get.

Funding Sources (as of 10/10/19):

Vicki Saporta Social Justice Internship Fund: Provides funding for ILR/Cornell students who will work in nonprofit organizations, domestic or international, that pursue progressive agendas, including, but not limited to, women's rights, women's reproductive health and rights, human rights, workers' rights, organized labor, immigrants' rights, environmental conservation, gun control, animal welfare, and labor unions. The fund was established by Vicki Saporta BSILR '74.

Student Assembly Summer Experience Grant: Open to ILR first-years, sophomores, and juniors. All unpaid and minimally paid internships are eligible regardless of career field. See link below for details.

Price Student Experience Fund: Open to ILR first-years, sophomores, and juniors interested in pursuing opportunities outside of the traditional human resources and labor relations fields. The fund was established by David M. Price BSILR ’87.

Scheinman Summer Fellowship: Designed to support undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in pursuing an unpaid summer internship related to conflict resolution or labor relations. The Scheinman Institute will fund up to two summer fellowships. 

Chaim and Ida Miller Award: Open to ILR first-years, sophomores, juniors, and first-year MILRs who are interested in working with a labor organization. It was created by Marcia Miller and her brother, Gerry, in honor of their parents. The award will be given to students who have secured an internship with a labor organization involved with organizing or labor education and would not be able to accept the internship without this aid. Internships with government agencies, the International Labour Organization (ILO), and National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) are NOT eligible.

Melvin H. Osterman Internship Award: Available to ILR first-years, sophomores, juniors, and first-year MILRs interested in public sector labor relations. Established by Mr. Osterman’s widow, Norma Meacham, and his colleague, Rosemary Townley. The award is for a student who:

  1. will research issues of labor relations, labor law, and collective bargaining under PERB staff;
  2. will observe mediation sessions and hearings regarding labor arbitrations and employment practices;

  3. has completed courses in labor and employment law or collective bargaining (preferably both); and

  4. is selected for a summer internship with a PERB and/or GOER.

  5. Internships with government agencies, the International Labour Organization (ILO), and National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) are NOT eligible.

By applying for the Student Assembly Summer Experience Grant, your application will be considered for all ILR funding sources for which it is eligible. Please see below for directions on how to apply.

  • The application will open in the spring and will be advertised through OCS emails. 
  • For more information, including SASEG eligibility requirements and the application, please click here.   
  • Notifications are typically sent to applicants in early to mid-May. Funds are usually disbursed by mid-June.

Additional Resources for Funding
We will continue to share information on other funding as we learn of it.

  • Complete one application for the Off-Campus Opportunity Fund and apply for three funding opportunities: Global Learning Travel Grant (for domestic and international travel experiences and opportunities), OADI Student Funding, Engaged Cornell.

  • Foundation Center: Go to Cornell Library databases, search foundation. There is a search tool where you can enter specific key words to filter thousands of grants, including government grants.

  • The Access Fund is a resource through the First-Generation and Low-Income Student Support office within the Dean of Students. Click here for details and to apply.
  • The ILR International Travel Grant provides partial funding for international activity. Details can be found here.
  • Cornell Tradition Fellows have a Support Account with access to up to $3500, which can be used for a full-time summer internship, among other things.
  • Students who have Federal Work Study are eligible for summer funding. The Develop Your Own (DYO) Summer Internship Program subsidizes internship wages. Please note this funding goes to the employer, not the student, but it can make it possible for employers to afford to pay interns.
    • Online database of many different types of grants for school, internships, graduate programs, and abroad programs.
    • The system is a bit clunky as it filters very specifically on the information that is input, but if you are willing to dig through all of the grants posted on the site, there are some that are really generous for undergrads.
    • Most of these grants require U.S. citizenship.

If you have questions, please email, call 607-255-7816, or stop by our office in 201 Ives.