Judicial Admin Mediation Program

Students at the Scheinman Center

For 10 years, the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution has provided mediation services on an informal basis to the Office of the Judicial Administrator as well as other university offices and programs.

Now, in order to provide the opportunity for growth and development of participants and to model an alternative problem-solving method—mediation—to Respondent participants, we've created the Judicial Admin Mediation Program. We hope the exposure will increase the use of mediation techniques in future conflict situations, and provide an opportunity for campus collaboration between the Scheinman Institute and the OJA.

The Scheinman Institute would also like to provide an opportunity to students interested in conflict resolution to provide mediation services to their peers. So, we are creating a roster of student mediators, trained in this form of mediation, and gaining credit in a new course, "Campus Mediation Theory and Practice."