Speaker Bios

The Gendered Workplace and the LGBTQ Community in the K-12 Environment

Genna Suraci

Genna Suraci is the Principal of Ulster BOCES Career & Tech Center in New York and the first openly transgendered school administrator. She transitioned on her job 8 years ago and made national news when her school district openly accepted and supported her transition. Ms. Suraci was honored as the Administrator of the Year in 2001 by the Mid-Hudson Study Council,  was a board member and later board president at the LGBTQ Center of Hudson Valley. She is a GLSEN Ally Award recipient and has been asked to speak nationally on educational topics and transgendered issues. Ms. Suraci’s integrated English program, which she developed over fifteen years ago, was recognized by Commissioner King as an “Island of academic excellence” in 2013.

Ileen DeVault

Ileen DeVault is Professor of Labor History at Cornell University’s ILR School in Ithaca, NY, where she teaches classes on labor and working-class history. She is also one of the co-chairs of the Equity at Work Initiative of The Worker Institute at Cornell, as well as a member of The Worker Institute Executive Committee. She is the author of "Sons and Daughters of Labor" and "United Apart: Gender and the Rise of Craft Unionism," as well as articles. Her current research is on issues involving the impact of workers’ family status on their workplace experiences between 1880 and 1930 and in the present.

Ileen's teaching statement includes, "Most of my teaching is in the field of labor and working class history. I am interested in communicating to students the ways in which people's lives in the past were both the same as and different from our lives today. I also hope to convey an appreciation for the process of historical research. Through my affiliation with The Worker Institute at Cornell, I have helped develop and run the course, The Gendered Workplace, which examines the many ways in which gender affects workplace experiences."

Sally Klingel

Sally Klingel is the director of labor-management relations programming for the Scheinman Institute, where she teaches, trains and provides organizational change consulting services to labor and management groups nation-wide. She specializes in the design and implementation of conflict and negotiation systems, labor-management partnerships, work redesign, strategic planning and change processes, and leadership development. Her work with Cornell over the past fifteen years has included training, consulting, and action research with organizations in a variety of industries, local, state and federal government agencies, union internationals and locals, public schools and universities, and worker owned companies.

Sally holds a M.S. in Organizational Behavior from Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and a B.A. from the University of Michigan. She has authored articles, monographs and book chapters on innovations in labor-management relations. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, writing a dissertation on labor-management strategies for change in municipal work organizations.