The Scheinman Institute is pleased to announce it will be producing a webcast series from 2015 through 2016 to address the emerging contemporary issues in the workplace involving conflict resolution, labor-management efforts and organizational change. As the landscape of the workplace is evolving more quickly than ever before, we want provide the essential knowledge needed to ensure professionals are able to do their jobs effectively, efficiently and with fairness.

Additionally, our faculty, staff, alumni and network of practitioners recognize that there is growing diversity within workplace, specifically with LGBTQ employees, the Scheinman Institute Advisory Board has identified this a strategic priority for 2015-2016.  Therefore, three webcasts will be dedicated to issues which are directly impacting this community, their supervisors and co-workers.

Watch our June 2, 2015 webcast, "Legal Issues for LGBTQ Teachers and Administrators: What Every School Worker Needs to Know."