Presidential Task Force Nominations Process

We are enthusiastic and appreciative of the feedback you've provided through the All-Community Meetings and online survey regarding the nominations for the Presidential Task Force. Based on that feedback, we have created nomination forms, and nominations are now officially open. Please see links below:

Undergraduate Student Self-Nomination (closing 11/17)

Graduate and Professional Student Self-Nomination (closing 11/17)

Staff Self-Nomination (closing 11/17)

Faculty Self-Nomination (closing 11/17)

Peer Nomination (closing 11/15)

These forms provide the opportunity to nominate yourself as well as nominating others. If you fill out a peer nomination form, please be advised that the person being nominated will still be required to fill out a self-nomination.

As noted in our last message, this nomination process comes as a result of Cornell University President Martha E. Pollack announcing the creation of the Presidential Task Force on Campus Climate. The charge of the task force involves three areas: Campus Experience, Regulation of Speech and Harassment, and Campus Response. Additional information on the task force can be found at:

We look forward to receiving your nominations.