4 Steps to Becoming a Neutral

4 Steps to Help You Start and Advance Your Professional Neutral Career

1. Enroll in a professional education program – The very first step is to obtain a basic education, either through a certificate program or a graduate school. You need to acquire the “theoretical foundation” to start your career.

2. Gain experience by participating in community cases and shadowing an experienced Neutral. Participate in no less than 50 community cases to gain a comfort level with the practical skills.  Round out your experience by observing and working with an experienced Neutral.

3. Join and participate in professional organizations so you can have access to other practitioners and leaders as well as discover best practices. Click here for a list of professional organizations.

4. Increase your visibility. Experience isn’t enough to be successful; you need to have a presence in the field. Consider writing an article or volunteering for the professional organization(s) you join.