Onsite and Customized Programs


Individual workshops and certificates are available for delivery onsite. In addition, customized programs are offered to meet the needs of your organization.

Customized programs offered by the Institute include topics such as:

Labor-Management Relations

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
For more information about customized programs, contact Traci Morse at tlm6@cornell.edu or 607.255.9298.

Programs for Employees
Interactive half- and full-day programs with tools for problem solving individual conflicts with co-workers and teams. Topics can include communication strategies, establishing effective working relationships, solving interpersonal challenges and developing options for resolutions and cross-cultural communication in order to build rapport and improve teamwork. 

Programs for HR Professionals and Managers
Intensive workshops for human resources, legal advisers, managers, and union leaders to work as “in-house design teams” to learn how to identify sources of conflict in your organization, and design and enact strategies for resolving workplace disputes and mitigating future incidents.

Programs for Mediators and Facilitators
Two- or four-day intensive practice-based workshops to develop groups of facilitators or mediators for in-house conflict management programs. Workshops can include skills for new or experienced mediators and facilitators, and can be customized for use in your conflict management system.

Conflict Systems Assessment and Design

Not sure what these topics include? Read brief descriptions below, click on the links above to find more information, or contact us at ilrcr@cornell.edu

Labor-Management Relations

Labor-management relationship building

A stronger relationship between labor and management may provide the competitive edge that companies (and workers) need to survive in today's economy. We can facilitate a dialogue between labor and management that enables the parties to express and hear each other's concerns. We can then guide their joint development and implementation of plans and procedures that will improve their working relationship.

Interest-based grievance and complaint systems

Jointly designed problem-solving approaches, used during the initial steps of a grievance process, can be a boon to labor and management. We work with both parties to design a site-specific process and then provide problem-solving skills training to both union and management.

Conflict Systems Assessment and Design

Conflict assessments within and between organizations

An analysis or diagnosis of the kinds of conflicts that arise within and between organizations is a necessary prelude to the design and development of a conflict management system. We recommend that organizations examine the sources and nature of their conflicts, how these conflicts are currently managed and resolved, who is accountable within the organization, and whether the stakeholders are satisfied with current means of conflict resolution. As part of our consulting service, we can help organizations conduct this review.

Integrated conflict management systems

Conflicts erupt everywhere within organizations. Often, the best way to prevent, manage, and resolve the discord is an integrated approach that focuses on its root causes, encourages dissent, builds collaborative problem-solving into the organization's culture, and assures a coordinated response through a variety of options to whatever conflicts arise. We work with clients on designing and implementing these integrated systems

Implementation and Evaluation

Conflict among employees and between employees and supervisors is inevitable within organizations. Alternative dispute resolution processes, including mediation and arbitration, can help parties resolve their differences. We serve as process facilitators and design consultants for labor and management partners who choose to develop and implement ADR systems to address intra-organizational conflicts.  Recent projects include the evaluation of workplace programs for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.