Professional Workshops, Courses, and Training

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The Employment Law Mediator Training

Become a Qualified Workplace Mediator with this Intensive 4-Day Training Led by Cornell ILR School Experts in Midtown NYC. CLE Credits Awarded. Register Now.

5-day workshop New York, NY

Preparation for Collective Bargaining

Gain Strategies and Practical Skills for the Collective Bargaining Process with this 2-Day Training Led by Cornell ILR School Experts in NYC. Register Now.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Managing Difficult and Heated Conversations

Created for supervisors, managers, human resource directors and other professionals responsible for managing employee relations, participants gain critical skills for managing difficult conversations to constructively resolve employee disputes.

1-day workshop New York, NY

Labor Relations Law

Whether you are involved in the collective bargaining process, the administration of a contract, or a certification campaign, it is necessary to understand the National Labor Relations Act and its practical impact on the workplace. This workshop is accessible for lawyers and non- lawyers alike, and gives participants an opportunity to understand a host of legal principles and considerations. 

2-day workshop New York, NY

Investigation Tools and Techniques

Learn Investigation Tools and Techniques in a Union Environment with This Full-Day Workshop Led by Cornell ILR Experts in NYC. Register Now.

1-day workshop New York, NY

Internal Investigations: Part I

Part I: Learn a step-by-step approach for conducting investigations and developing resolutions. Topics include: investigator’s role, interviewing, managing emotional employees, confidentiality, information-gathering techniques, when to involve an attorney, and identifying outcomes. Prerequisite: CO100, CO111 or CO353

2-day workshop New York, NY

Internal Investigation Note-taking and Reports

Internal investigation notes, documentation, summaries and reports have come under heightened scrutiny. An investigation may be at risk if the supporting information and reports are not well written. Practice effective note-taking techniques while developing skills in writing fair, neutral reports that uphold findings. Prerequisite: CO231

2-day workshop New York, NY

Interest-Based Bargaining Strategies and Structures

Interest-based bargaining frames negotiations in terms of shared problem to solve-resolving each party's underlying issues, needs and concerns. This workshop provides a systematic process for putting interest-based negotiation principles into practice in collective bargaining, grievance handling, and day-to-day conflicts.

1-day workshop Buffalo, NYSee more dates and locations

Harassment Prevention in the Workplace

For EEO/HR professionals and managers, prevention is the key to maintaining a productive workplace and avoiding illegal harassment on the job (sexual, racial, religious, ethnic, age, disability, etc.). This interactive workshop examines legal and policy concerns, and best practices for facilitating respect and dignity in the workplace.

1-day workshop New York, NY

Fundamental Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a general practice for resolving conflict. In this workshop, you'll practice fundamental negotiation skills through a series of role plays and experiential learning situations.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Effective Employee Relations

Examine proactive initiatives and policy implementation that guide successful ER. Learn techniques for conducting effective conversations and managing performance issues. Practice communication skills and explore working styles and sources of conflict.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Effective Employee Discipline

Your disciplinary decisions are subject to rigorous scrutiny. If you’re involved in formulating or implementing disciplinary decisions, you must have command of the principles of progressive discipline, and a solid understanding of the best practices for administering discipline.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Effective Collective Bargaining Skills and Strategies

Designed as a continuum of LR201, Preparation for Collective Bargaining, participants will formulate a negotiation strategy and learn "at-the-table" best practices. Participants develop negotiation skills by participating in a full-day bargaining simulation. 

2-day workshop New York, NY

Advanced Internal Investigations: Part II

Part II: Through extensive practice, gain advanced skills for handling complex employee investigations, such as serious policy violations, EEO and compliance. Topics include: thorough investigation methods, strategies for avoiding common errors and the necessary steps for creating and implementing outcomes. Required: CO231

2-day workshop New York, NY