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Talent Management Strategies: Gaining a Competitive Edge in Business

Discover what it takes to build a talent pipeline of next generation leaders through game-changing talent strategies. Examine innovative talent development approaches and how to implement effective plans to attract, retain, deploy and nurture talent. Learn processes for ensuring talent strategies are aligned with desired business outcomes. 

2-day workshop New York, NYSee more dates and locations

Rethinking Talent Acquisition for Future Demand

Learn to hire the right candidate for the right job at the right time. Gain strategies to source, attract, assess and select qualified and interested candidates while enhancing your organization’s brand and recognizing legal considerations in the digital age of social media.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Performance Management

With effective performance management, you can maximize employee productivity and organization profitability. Learn how to implement a fitting performance management process that aligns organizational goals, motivates employees, and serves as an input to talent pipelines. Explore the key capabilities for employees and managers to drive better performance discussions.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Organizational Design: An Essential HR Capability

Better understand organizational design and how it fits within broader organizational development work. Hone consulting and analytical skills to strike a balance between a facilitative and expert role, and create alignment between components of the organization and the overall corporate framework.

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Leading Change

Learn to embrace what can sometimes feel like chaos, and turn change into opportunity. Understand change and its impact on teams and organizations; recognize your strengths and challenges in managing change and leverage effective change tools to become a better leader. This workshop offers a self-assessment, a method to navigate real-world scenarios and a personal action plan.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Leadership Skills for Success: Engaging Employees and Building Teams

Learn how to master critical communication and management skills to effectively lead employees, establish priorities, and delegate responsibilities. Add value to your organization by being clear about the results you want to achieve, the environment you want to create, and how you will develop talent. Become an effective leader with the ability to build relationships, gain the commitment of others, and manage workplace communications.

2-day workshop New York, NY

HR Analytics: Simplifying Decision Making with Data

Communicate the impact of HR and engage business leaders by leveraging data to simplify how organizations make decisions about their people. Implement HR analytic strategies and processes to eliminate potential human errors and mine for good data. Identify key business drivers and learn to translate them into metrics to boost performance and drive employee engagement. 

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Fundamentals of Human Resources

Understand the key role HR plays in your organization for driving performance and productivity. Gain insights into successfully supporting clients, developing HR competencies, optimizing practices and influencing business results. Transfer learning to the workplace through case studies and group activities.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Executing Total Rewards

Learn to successfully plan, execute and communicate a total rewards strategy that drives valuable business results while providing employees with desirable workforce programs. Understand the crucial elements of compensation and benefits planning to identify which rewards have the power to attract, motivate, engage and retain employees.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Emotional Intelligence: An Edge for Leaders

Emotional Intelligence (EI), which is the ability to harness emotions in sensing, understanding and responding adeptly to social cues in the surrounding environment, is a better predictor of success than IQ. Measure your current EI level and receive coaching to improve it. Then learn to use your EI toUse EI to make pivotal decisions, plan projects and initiatives, solve problems, interact with clientsothers, set performance expectations, communicate feedback and interact with colleagues of all levelssolve problems, and achieve higher performance. Develop and enhance EI competencies to achieve higher performance.

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Effective Interviewing

Enhance the necessary interpersonal skills that ultimately impact the quantity, quality and reliability of the information that interviewers obtain from candidates. Discuss the importance of these skills throughout the interviewing process while exploring their impact from the initial screening interview to extending an offer of employment.

1-day workshop New York, NY

Design Thinking: Navigating Organizational Processes

Design thinking is a methodology for innovatively solving complex problems by putting people at the heart of the solution. Organizations are leveraging the approach at a growing pace, in all functional areas and levels.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Coaching for Performance and Potential

Build skills for an engaging coaching relationship that nurtures talent and improves team performance. Establish an understanding of when coaching is needed and practice using a coaching model that facilitates effective coaching conversations. Review theories for changing behavior, examine imperative coaching elements, and formulate a successful development plan.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Building Successful Teams and Team Leaders

Build awareness and skill in the areas of team dynamics, group problem solving and decision making. Explore the structural and behavioral dimensions of building and leading an effective team. Learn techniques suited for self-directed work teams, interdepartmental project teams and other group situations where combined efforts are needed to reach optimal performance levels.

Bridging the Generation Gap

Understand how to communicate more effectively and respectfully in a multi-generational workplace while leveraging differences to build stronger work relationships. Become more open to learning and understanding why these differences exist. Explore how to change your mindset to use new ways of communicating with others and avoid making age-based assumptions that diminish both respect and trust.

1-day workshop New York, NY

Advanced Organization Design

Learn frameworks and tools adopted by some of the largest, most complex global companies that prepare you to modify your organization’s structure in response to competitive disruption, technological advances and any other change facing the world of work. Explore real-life examples to better understand the sophisticated global and local strategies organizations use to design efficient operating structures that engage leaders and build formal networks to ensure optimal performance in a matrixed environment.

2-day workshop New York, NY