Contemporary Labor Issues (LS263)

The focus of this course is two-fold: on the one hand, to discuss the revitalization of the labor movement and, on the other, to examine the context in which this revitalization must occur.  Students will examine issues related to the private and public sectors as well as to the building trades.  We’ll talk about the gig economy; new restrictions on unions (Janus, NLRB decisions) and unions’ responses to those restrictions; laws affecting workers and bargaining in New York State; generational differences in the workforce; and much more. 

There are no prerequisites required for this course and no specific textbook required.

Approach and Features
Students will drive much of the discussion and topics explored in addition to those noted above. Each student will be required to write a paper on a contemporary labor issue of their choosing. Students will act as weekly leaders on self-selected topics. Weekly readings will be assigned.  Attendance is essential!


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