Fundamental Negotiation Skills (LR311)

Negotiation is a general practice for resolving conflict. In this workshop, you’ll practice fundamental workplace negotiation skills through a series of role plays and experiential learning situations. The workshop covers:

  • Negotiation fundamentals
  • One-on-one approaches to negotiation
  • Small-group negotiation situations
  • Collective negotiations in a workplace setting


  • Become familiar with the basic building blocks of negotiation
  • Learn how to plan a negotiation approach and strategy
  • Practice the communication skills to surface underlying needs and interests
  • Positional and interest-based negotiation approaches

Approach and Features

During this two-day workshop, you’ll gain insight into your own negotiation biases, weaknesses, and strengths, and build  confidence and competency through a series of role-plays and simulations. Workshop features include a conflict style diagnostic tool addressing the five common styles of dealing with conflict. 

Key Topics

  • Conflict reactions and styles
  • Structuring the negotiation discussion process
  • Collaborative and competitive negotiation approaches
  • Building trust through negotiation


Who Will Benefit

Labor relations, human resource, operations, and finance professionals who represent or support management in workplace negotiations.


Sally Klingel

Sally Klingel is the director of Labor-Management Relations programming for the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution in Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations.    She specializes in the design and implementation of conflict and negotiation systems,  labor-management partnerships, collective bargaining strategies, strategic planning, and leadership development.   Her work with Cornell over  the past  20  years has included training, consulting, and  research with organizations in a variety of industries, local, state and federal government agencies, union internationals and locals, public schools and universities, and worker owned companies.   

Sally Klingel holds a M.S. in Organizational Behavior  from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and a B.A. from the University of Michigan.  She  has authored articles, monographs and book chapters on innovations in labor-management relations and conflict methods. 


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