Effective Employee Discipline (LR101)

Your disciplinary decisions are subject to rigorous scrutiny. If you’re involved in formulating or implementing disciplinary decisions, you must have command of the principles of progressive discipline, and a solid understanding of the best practices for administering discipline. This workshop teaches you how to:

  • Analyze discipline problems
  • Conduct disciplinary interviews
  • Prepare a disciplinary memorandum
  • Respond effectively and appropriately to disciplinary problems
  • Define and determine just cause

Key Topics

  • Defining progressive discipline
  • An employee’s right to union representation
  • Identifying and establishing a “past practice”
  • How past practices affect the disciplinary process
  • Criteria used by arbitrators in deciding discipline cases
  • Guidance for handling excessive absenteeism and alcohol and drug abuse cases
  • Discipline for off-duty or off-premises misconduct

Special Features

During this two-day workshop, experienced arbitrators and labor relations professionals will provide you with practical knowledge and insight about the employee discipline process.

Who Will Benefit

Labor relations, human resource, operations supervisors, and managers involved in the administration of employee discipline.


Ellen Gallin Procida

Director, UFT Grievance Dept.

Martin F Scheinman

Arbitrator and Mediator

Michael Wittenberg


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