Executive Compensation, and Key Talent and Superstar Pay for Performance (ICS401)

Executive compensation and superstar pay have become increasing controversial in recent years. Truly understanding the basics of compensating executives, key talent and superstars is key to re-thinking how to align performance, strategy and pay for “must-retain” employees and organizational leaders.

Key Topics

  • Effectively aligning organizational ownership and managerial control through performance-based pay
  • Examining the relationship between risk and executive compensation
  • Evaluating the pay mix of executives, superstars and key talent according to employee preferences and organizational needs
  • Understanding the information being communicated by shareholders to the organization via “Say on Pay” votes
  • Recognizing the differences between the “superstar” labor markets and the “non-superstar” labor markets
  • Understanding and appreciating the importance of the Compensation Discussion and Analysis (CD&A) disclosure
  • The challenge of attracting and retaining top talent while maintaining the compensation budget 

Who will benefit?

Participants will leave the course with the ability to analyze and evaluate the efficacy of performance-based pay systems with respect to executives, key and superstars. Organizations can benefit through improved allocation of financial and human capital resources and a richer understanding of the effects of pay for performance on the success of their operations.


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