Developing and Managing an Effective Supplier Diversity Program (DV358)

In an effort to comply with government regulations and to gain a competitive advantage, many organizations have designed and implemented supplier diversity strategies and programs. This workshop will examine:

  • Gaining competitive advantage through supplier diversity
  • Essentials of the supplier diversity program
  • Establishing your supplier diversity profile to realize business goals and to benchmark comparable organizations in order to improve your own

Key Topics

  • The need for a strategic approach to supplier diversity
    • Ten strategies for improving supplier diversity programs
    • Ten strategies for making the relationship work
  • Identifying and overcoming potential obstacles in implementing a supplier diversity program
    • The best sources
    • Making a strong business case
    • Supplier diversity as an integral part of a diversity strategy
    • An examination of challenges and opportunities
    • Measuring and tracking success
    • Training and education on supplier diversity
  • Supplier diversity fact vs. fiction
    • Why supplier diversity programs fail
    • Why supplier diversity relationships are often difficult
    • Organizational image as a barrier to supplier diversity
  • Why procurement must partner with the entire organization to ensure success
  • Holding managers accountable for supplier diversity
  • Building and marketing an effective supplier diversity plan

Special Features

  • Extensive case study and application
  • Overview of best practices in supplier diversity
  • Exceptional guest speakers

Who Will Benefit

Purchasing managers, purchasing officials, supplier diversity managers, diversity professionals, and others responsible for supplier diversity and supply chain management

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