Emerging Trends: Recalibrating Diversity and Inclusion (DV245)

The business landscape and the world of work are being transformed by changing demographics, rapid advances in technology and globalization. These changes have implications for the workforce, the workplace and the marketplace. Responding to these changes creates opportunities for re-energizing and recalibrating the focus on Diversity and Inclusion strategies in organizations. Examine the implications for re-energizing, driving and sustaining D&I initiatives in the face of such trends as the rise of millennials in the workplace, new conversations on work, religion, race and multiple identities, cultural competence and the paradox of change.

This workshop offers:

  • An awareness and broadened exposure to enhance understanding of new and emerging global trends
  • Insights on how to address these trends as they impact D&I strategy
  • Tools for managing the impact of organizational tensions that arise from these emerging trends
  • Models and guidelines for engaging in challenging and courageous conversations that are linked to changing realities and emerging perspectives on D&I

Key Outcomes

Examine and discuss:

  • How shifting demographics, technology advances and globalization are changing the business landscape
  • New and emerging trends and understand their implications on the workforce, workplace and marketplace
  • The implications for re-energizing, driving and sustaining D&I initiatives in the face of multiple generations at work, new conversations on religion, race, multiple identities, cultural competence, and other emerging trends
  • New and emerging perspectives on the concepts of diversity and race
  • A broadened view of engagement and inclusion
  • How to leverage new and emerging trends to re-calibrate D&I in the organization

Approach and Features

In this two-day workshop, participants participate in robust and courageous conversations about new and emerging trends in the world of work, how they impact talent management, employee engagement, business outcomes and the organizational tensions that may be triggered by these new challenges and broadening perspectives. Participants have the opportunity to share best practices through interactive exercises, role plays, and videos from different industries and sectors.

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives (DV221)

Key Topics

  • Understanding concepts of intersectionality and multiple identities
  • The paradox of diversity and change
  • Responses to organizational change as trends emerge
  • A model for engaging in challenging conversations around tensions triggered by change
  • White men and diversity
  • Deepening understanding of the concept of "race"
  • The business rationale for cultural intelligence
  • The rise of millennials and the impact on talent management
  • Religion and spirituality in the workplace
  • A broadened definition of "work" and 21st century skills

Who Will Benefit

D&I leaders and practitioners, HR leaders and practitioners who want to broaden their perspectives on new and emerging trends and how addressing these trends can assist in re-energizing and recalibrating D&I initiatives and enhancing their competitiveness in the rapidly changing and competitive world of work.

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Instructors for Apr 27-28, 2020
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Lolita Chandler

David V Ciliberto


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