Inclusive Diversity and Inclusion Talent Management (DV227)

While most organizations establish talent management goals to ensure that they attract and retain employees who represent diverse groups, many fall short of these goals. This workshop offers a fresh perspective that reframes talent management by examining processes and practices for recruiting, on-boarding and engaging employees, through an inclusive lens.

This workshop offers:

  • A systemic approach to talent management
  • A broadened view of recruitment and retention
  • A paradigm shift of the on-boarding process as a lever for engagement

Key Outcomes

Examine and discuss:

  • Talent management, including a focus on strategy and organizational culture
  • A systemic approach to recruiting, on-boarding and retention
  • Tools for identifying organizational talent gaps and gains
  • Methods to connect recruiting to business goals
  • Strategies for impacting employee engagement through a systemic on-boarding process

Approach and Features

This two-day workshop features interactive exercises, a simulation case study as well as the development of an application learning plan to reinforce and apply key concepts. Participants engage in robust discussions that challenge current thinking about recruitment and retention. Networking opportunities are provided as participants from diverse industries, sectors and organizations share challenges, insights and best practices.

Key Topics

  • The importances of organizational culture in driving the success of the talent management strategy
  • Challenges and opportunities of recruiting and retention
  • Business drivers for talent management
  • The impact and influence of unconscious bias on talent management decision-making
  • Aligning business strategy, talent management strategy and D&I strategy
  • Emerging trends in recruitment and on-boarding
  • Identifying talent gaps and gains
  • Examining and advancing performance management, mentoring, succession planning, coaching and also systems, policies, processes and practices that influence recruitment, retention and on-boarding
  • Developing a balanced approach to quantitative and qualitative measurement

Who Will Benefit

D&I leaders and practitioners, HR leaders and practitioners and middle managers who want to broaden their perspectives on talent management as they identify and understand the impact of contemporary challenges and opportunities in the current business environment.

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Lolita Chandler

Lolita Chandler

Judy Clark

VP, Inclusion Advisor


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