Cross-Cultural Issues in Conflict (DR210)

This workshop provides a detailed examination of the role culture plays in conflict and conflict resolution. Participants will learn to understand and anticipate cultural differences in conflict exchanges. Discussions and workshop activities will focus on cross-cultural communication techniques to enhance conflict ressolution.


Program Highlights

  • Review of dispute resolution methods
  • Cross-cultural exercises
  • World views of cultural differences
  • Communication/perception process
  • Culture defined
  • High/low context
  • Attribution theory
  • Culture, values and conflict



Katrina Nobles

Extension Associate

Katrina Nobles is the Education and Communications Manager for the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution at the Cornell University ILR School, focusing on educating the next generation of neutrals and practitioners on campus and in the workplace. Nobles designs curriculum, instructs professional programs, and facilitates discussions for organizational workplace conflicts. She also works with faculty and extension associates to coordinate programs, contracts, and grants. She has practiced mediation for several years, and prior to her employment at Cornell, Katrina was the Cortland County Coordinator for New Justice Mediation Services. During that time, Nobles mediated hundreds of community, child custody/visitation, child support, and family disputes. Katrina holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Engagement from Antioch University Midwest.

Rehana Huq

Rehana Huq’s experience in training and organizational development spans domestic and international settings, corporate, educational, community and NGO environments. She brings a “strengths” and “diversity” sensitivity to individual, group and organization development. Her work in recent years has focused on building cross-cultural competencies at the individual level and in using cross-cultural lenses to approach diversity and inclusion aspects of workplaces.  Rehana has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Calcutta University and an MS in HR and OD from Xavier Labour Relations Institute, India.


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