Mediation Skills for Manager (DR152)

This workshop focuses on building on the managerial skills needed to guide conflicts to a mutally acceptable resolution. You will learn to apply various meditation concepts and principles to help others resolve everyday workplace conflicts



  • Learn to solve problems through mediation
  • Build you skills to effectively manage mediation processes
  • Learn how to select an appropriate mediation style in resolving conflict

Approach and Features

Using simualtions, you will have many opportunites to practice various mediation techniques and learn your own preferred mediation style through self-assessment. 


Key Topics

  • Mediation styles and principles
  • Managers' role as mediators: limitations and possibilites
  • Developing and delivering opening statements to disputing parties
  • Moving parties toward interests and problem-solving
  • Navigating emotions during mediations


Ariel C Avgar

Assistant Professor

Ariel Avgar is an associate professor in the Labor Relations, Law and History Department at Cornell University’s ILR School and the associate director of the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution. Drawing on his conflict management research, professor Avgar seeks to empower organizational leaders to improve their conflict management competencies. His teaching combines theory and practice providing students with opportunities to deepen their understanding of key concepts and, at the same time, to enhance their own conflict management skills.


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