Employment Arbitrator Training (DR130)

This two-day training provides a comprehensive understanding of employment arbitration essentials, from initial appointment to issuance of the award and beyond. You’ll learn about the law of employment ADR and about procedural issues that employment arbitrators typically face.  

By the workshop’s completion, you will have honed your skills and sharpened your knowledge to effectively arbitrate both statutory and contractual employment claims.

The training is designed for mediators and arbitrators experienced in employment law and employment relations.  

Key topics

  • Initiation of the employment arbitration
  • Legal background and foundation of employment arbitration
  • Standards of judicial review of arbitration awards
  • Disclosure and other ethics bases obligations
  • Prehearing matters and conferences
  • Evidentiary issues
  • Conduct of the hearing
  • Briefs and other end of hearing matters
  • Deciding the case/writing the award

Approach and Features

The Employment Arbitration Training workshop is a lecture and case study based training. Utilizing the learnings from the lecture portion of the workshop, the instructor allows participants to practice skills on case study analysis.


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