Internal Investigations: Part I (CO231)

Part I of the Employee Investigations Program

Handling employee complaints internally is a highly sensitive, multi-faceted process that involves many people. This workshop provides you with a practice-based, step-by-step approach to enhance your understanding of:

  • The internal complaint handling process from A to Z
  • The legal requirements organizations must observe
  • Necessary technical and communication skills

Key Topics

  • The complaint process
    • Defining the role of the complaint handler
    • Comparing complaint processes
  • Complaint intake
    • Handling the emotional aspects of complaints
    • Effective communication skills for complaint handlers
    • Essential interviewing questions
    • Legal concerns: EEO and employment laws, confidentiality, and no retaliation
  • Structuring an investigation
    • Stating the issues in terms of policy and laws
    • Using information-gathering techniques
    • Interviewing complainants and accused persons
    • Determining when to involve an attorney
  • Complaint resolution
    • Identifying solutions, interventions, or resolutions
    • Monitoring and following up on complaints
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the complaint process

Special Features

Simulated employee complaints, including practice sessions, role play, professional critiquing, and skill pointers

Who Will Benefit

HR, ER and EEO professionals who want to gain in-depth expertise in managing the internal EEO complaint process

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[Seats in this session are limited. Please contact ILR Customer Service or call 866-470-1922.]

Seats in this session are limited. Please contact ILR Customer Service or call 866-470-1922.

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