HR Analytics: Telling Better HR Stories Through Data (HR417)

HR analytics, now recognized as both a science and art, requires practiced development of the decision-making skills required when interpreting people data in the workplace. Learn how to mine the wealth of data HR collects to communicate data in a way that engages business leaders while identifying options to explore for improved business results.

Examine an HR analytical framework that will enable practitioners to identify key business drivers, translate them into metrics, create insights and present compelling data in a visual and impactful manner. Build the skills and confidence to assess the right data and increase your ability to influence a leader's perception leading to faster results and more actionable outcomes. Through practical application of key concepts, learn how to turn HR’s data collection into a business partnering opportunity and align HR metrics with strategic business goals.

Get Cornell ILR associate professor of human resources John Hausknecht's perspective on the future and benefits of HR Analytics in the article HR Analytics: Putting Data to Work.

Key Outcomes

  • How to test assumptions through data
  • Different approaches to analysis
  • Finding and articulating relevant insights
  • Preparing a compelling story with data
  • Leveraging data to make critical business decisions

Approach and Features

  • High interactive two-day workshop
  • Practice with data sets for hands-on experience
  • Group exercise with an HR dashboard
  • Presentation of insights and practiced communication of analytical results

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