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Conflict among management, the union and unionized employees is a predictable part of operating in a union-environment.  Learn practical approaches of how to diagnose and address this conflict and build a strong and productive relationship.  Key focus is on the roles of union representatives and supervisors, rules and norms of a unionized environment, pre-discipline, just cause, communication skills and problem-solving applied to labor-management meetings.


Key Course Takeaways

  • Analyze discipline problems
  • Examine the connection between conflict and discipline
  • Be mindful of unconscious bias in the disciplinary process
  • Conduct disciplinary interviews
  • Prepare a disciplinary memorandum
  • Respond effectively to disciplinary problems, applying basic conflict resolution skills as appropriate
  • Define and determine just cause


Who Should Enroll

  • Union leaders
  • HR and labor relations professionals
  • Attorneys
  • Managers and executives working in a union environment

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