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This program offers a hands-on opportunity to learn multiple skill-based thinking
tools from unique ideation techniques to scientific, nature-based solutions for
creating a sustainable world. It goes beyond traditional problem-solving techniques
to explore territories of thinking and see beyond ‘what is’ to ‘what could’ be.

What You'll Learn

  • Several step-by-step techniques to think creatively and stop the voice of judgment
  • An overview of nature-based solutions to generate environmentally sustainable ideas
  • A practical approach to capture diverse insights and unleash untapped creativity, not
    just the loudest voices in the room
  • An ‘anything is possible’ attitude and see opportunities where others see challenges
  • A method to influence others and gain buy-in to your ideas


This dynamic program is experiential and practical. Participants are encouraged to
bring actual business issues to class and apply the thinking tools for immediate

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