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Fundamentals of Human Resources

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Understand the key role HR plays in your organization for driving performance and productivity. Learn to successfully support clients, develop HR competencies, optimize practices and influence business results. Learning is gained and reinforced through case studies and group activities.

Save 20%

on any ILR professional education class until 12/2.
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With so many challenges facing the business world right now, HR is more crucial than ever to achieving organizational success. Understand the essential role you play in optimizing employee productivity and performance, working effectively with business leaders, and demonstrating their value to the organization.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify the workplace factors that impact productivity
  • Optimize HR practices to drive business results
  • Demonstrate HR's impact on business decisions
  • Collaborate with business and HR functions to ensure alignment
  • Develop competencies to improve HR performance

Course Assets

This workshop uses case studies and group activities to reinforce learning throughout. Additional topics covered include:

  • How HR is perceived within the organization
  • Overcoming challenges with collaboration among HR practices
  • The systems approach to productivity and performance
  • HR as a driver of culture
  • How to influence business leaders


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