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Diversity and Inclusion Education and Training

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Enhance critical skills for designing and implementing D&I learning and development. Acquire knowledge and tools to ensure management and employees understand the value of D&I and gain experience for raising awareness to change behavior. Build on techniques, models and ideas designed to drive messages and sustain key learnings.

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The cornerstone of effective diversity training is ensuring that management and employees have an experience that raises awareness through self-discovery, changing behaviors by identifying strengths and gaps and committing to change, assessing your organizational audience and applying the appropriate learning and development strategies. Increasingly, when diversity training is developed improperly, it is fraught with legal risk and may cause backlash and produce negative impact. This program will provide best practices and ways to create the right training for your organization.

Key Outcomes

Enhance your skills in developing and delivering diversity training by exploring:

  • Methods for identifying and planning diversity training needsĀ 
  • Training techniques, models and ideas that get diversity messages across
  • Critical facilitation and delivery skillsĀ for successful diversity training and information dissemination

Approach and Features

During this two-day fully participative workshop, participants have many opportunities to apply their learning and skills through group discussions, team facilitation and delivery content topics, and critique and feedback on facilitation and training plans.

Key Topics

  • Diversity awareness training
  • Training needs assessment
  • Diversity skills training
  • Deciding whether training is the right intervention
  • Building support for training and minimizing resistance
  • Developing the training plan
  • Inclusive training practices
  • Dealing effectively with the difficult issues (e.g., race, gender, sexual orientation, unearned privilege)
  • Avoiding the blame game
  • Legal issues in diversity training
  • Blended learning
  • Evaluating success and minimizing failure
  • Emerging issues in diversity training
  • Managing training consultants

Who Will Benefit

HR, Trainers, L&D Professionals, EEO/AA, diversity managers, consultants, and anyone with responsibility for training.

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David V Ciliberto
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Cristina Santos

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