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Internal Investigation Note-taking and Reports

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Learn methods for capturing key information, maintaining documentation and writing fair, neutral and effective reports. Practice taking notes, developing documentation, avoiding advocacy language, addressing comparators/credibility and writing sound conclusions. Considerations include ethical issues and attorney/client privileges. Receive a report template that will uphold findings and withstand heightened scrutiny.

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In recent years, internal investigation notes, documentation, summaries and reports have come under heightened scrutiny by outside agencies, lawyers in discrimination cases, and the courts.

Even if one conducts a thorough investigation, Human Resources and EEO professionals must ensure that all documentation is well written. This workshop builds on the skills learned in Cornell's complaint handling workshops* and focuses exclusively on the written product of an effective investigation.

Key Topics

  • Methods for taking notes during investigatory interviews
  • Developing documentation relating to the investigation
  • Tips for note-taking, documentation and writing effective investigation summaries or reports
  • A template for writing a report
  • Addressing comparators
  • Addressing credibility
  • Writing the analysis in reports
  • Using the EEO and employment laws and guidelines effectively
  • Analyzing witness statements and evidence
  • Writing sound conclusions
  • Writing a fair, thorough, and neutral report
  • Working effectively with counsel on writing reports
  • Avoiding an advocacy language when preparing notes and reports
  • Ethical issues
  • Attorney-client privilege

Who Will Benefit

EEO, HR and other professionals responsible for conducting, documenting and preparing reports for internal investigations


Participants must first take Internal Investigations: Part I and/or have relevant experience in EEO and Employment Law.

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Tracey I. Levy

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