Kristine DeFiglio

Kristine DeFiglio
Director of Recruiting Operations
Axelon Services Corporation

"I've gotten much more out of it than I think I even expected. I knew that I would be able to apply some of the lessons, but it's hard to realize before you get in the middle of it that these are things that you use every single day in your work life. You're in a class, and even though you're looking at supply and demand curves for the labor market, all of a sudden there's a light bulb, because you realize this is what you do every day."

I am the director of recruiting operations for Axelon Services Corporation. We are an IT staffing and services company out of New York City. My job is handling mainly our financial clients and pretty much taking care of all their staffing needs for consultants—everything from working with managers to identify needs, to getting the right people into the jobs, getting them started, paid—pretty much start to finish, and then managing those relationships as well.

I honestly didn't expect to be going back for my master's so quickly. I'd always known that maybe in the future there'd be an MBA, there would be some type of master's program. Since I was at ILR as an undergrad, I knew what the program had to offer, and I knew the classes I had taken and how they could relate to business in general. When I started looking into the programs in New York City and saw this…well, I have a very long work day, I work 10-11 hours a day, I don't have the ability to leave at 5:00 to take a class, so having that Saturday component was great. But I also knew from undergrad that my ILR classes—I could get so much more out of them going back into the program, having work experience behind me and revisiting all of those topics that I liked the first time around, but with a better tool set to understand it and use it going forward.