Information for ESCP Europe Students Interested in Study at the ILR School

Application Procedures

Applicants from ESCP Europe should expect to fulfill all of the same requirements for graduate study as other applicants to the MILR program. Please submit an application to the program, as well as submit TOEFL scores that meet the required minimums of the Cornell Graduate School, GRE or GMAT scores, transcripts and letters of recommendation.

Application Deadline

The same deadlines for the program apply to ESCP Europe applicants that apply to regular applicants. Please consult the Admissions Application Procedures page for more information on deadlines and requirements. 

Course Requirements

MILR dual degree students will be expected to complete a minimum total of 10 courses, at least 6 core courses and 4 electives. If a student has already taken a core course at ESCP Europe, the student may waive that requirement. Please review the 1 Year MILR Degree Plan, and check the course catalog for more information about courses offered. Please note that with few exceptions, courses should be level 4000 or higher in order to be counted toward a Graduate Degree.

Fees and Logistics

Please consult the Cornell Bursar's page for information about how much an applicant should expect to pay in tuition and fees for a year at Cornell. When making your calculations on this page, bear in mind that the ILR School is a "Contract College" of Cornell University.

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