Master of Professional Studies (MPS)

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) program is designed for students who are or have been employed in human resources, dispute resolution, collective representation, or other labor-related fields and wish to upgrade their skills and understanding.

MPS Ithaca

The MPS Ithaca degree is a full-time residential program at the Ithaca, New York campus. It requires a total of 30 credit hours and an MPS Project. This full-time program takes one year to complete, and only a small number of students are admitted to the program each year. The MPS Ithaca program is appropriate for students with a minimum of 8 to 10 years of work experience.

MPS students typically come with financial support of their employers, complete all of their course work while on campus, and complete their MPS project during the year after returning to their employer. There are no specific course requirements for this degree. Students choose their courses with the assistance of their advisor, who also supervises their MPS Project.

MPS New York City

We also offer a MPS degree program based in New York City for employed professionals in the metropolitan area. The MPS New York City degree program is conducted on a part-time basis with students enrolled in weekend and summer courses. For more specific information please visit the MPS NYC website.

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