Fellowships and Financial Support

For detailed tuition information please visit the Office of the Cornell Bursar. Click here for information regarding federal student loans.

The ILR School offers a limited number of fellowships, scholarships, and awards to ILR graduate degree students.  When available, the ILR School may offer the following endowed and school funded fellowships, scholarships and awards to ILR graduate degree students.

ILR Dean's Tuition Fellowship
Used to award highly qualified applicants to the MILR Degree Program.

Teaching and Research Assistantships
Assistantships may be available to students after their first semester of study in the MILR program. The availability of these positions varies and placement is determined by the needs of the school and the professor. Assistantships provide tuition, health insurance, and stipend.

CAHRS Graduate Assistantships
The Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS) hires second-year MILR students as Graduate Assistants.

Boyd and Virginia Ferguson Fellowship
An endowed award for a MILR degree program student.

Cyrus S. Ching Fellowship
Endowed in 1956 in honor of Cyrus S. Ching, by his friends to benefit ILR Graduate students.

Eleanor Emerson Fellowship
Award to an incoming MILR student in the Collective Representation (CR) or International & Comparative Labor (ICL) concentration. The recipient of the award will have the opportunity to work closely with resident and extension faculty on research and other projects at the Worker Institute at Cornell such as International Collective Action, Equity at Work, Labor, Environment and Sustainable Development, Precarious Workers, Public Sector and Strategic Leadership.

Emil and Margaret Mesics Fund
Established in 1994 to help support ILR graduate students.  The fund may be used for fellowships, teaching, research or extension and special awards including off campus thesis research and summer fellowships.

Frances Perkins (Telluride) Scholarship
ILR offers the Frances Perkins Tuition Scholarship to any ILR student awarded the Telluride Scholarship. For application information, please visit http://www.telluridehouse.org/.

John P. and Althea Halan Scholarship
Fund used to provide financial assistance to deserving students pursuing the MILR degree program.

Lawrence K. Williams Fellowship
Established in 2004 by former Professor Lawrence Williams, this fellowship provides tuition, health insurance, and stipend for living expenses for the first year of study in the MILR degree program. .

Sara Gamm Fellowship
Established in 2005 to support MILRs. Students eligible for consideration should come from union, labor or employee association backgrounds and demonstrate interest in pursuing the study of the labor movement or plan to pursue a career in the labor movement.