Master of Industrial and Labor Relations (MILR)

Ellie Chen, MILR '18

Ellie Chen

MILR '18

Human Resources & Organizations


What is your favorite part of the MILR program?

“Friendships” and “Mentorships” are the two most valuable things I took away from this program. MILR has offered me incredible academic & career opportunities, and allowed me to build up solid HR networks through those recruiting activities and alum networks.

My Favorite Class

“Technology, Management, and the Law” taught by Professor Iefoma Ajunwa. It’s a small-sized seminar class for students from MILR, MBA, and the Law School. This class focuses on the current trends as well as future implications of HR, and discuss cases on how technology could impact/improve the workplace in various ways. One thing I found really interesting is being engaged in conversations/discussions/debates with students coming from different schools who bring in diverse voices and analyze issues from legal, ethical, business, HR perspectives.

What is your favorite part of Ithaca?

Watching sunsets on campus; practicing barre and Zumba at Noyes; going grocery shopping at Wegmans; spending my lazy Sundays in CTT

What advice would you give a prospective student?

There are so many opportunities within and outside of MILR Programme! Check out those cool classes beyond your concentration & MILR! 

What was your internship location and company?

United Nations Women in New York City.

What is the highlight from your summer internship?

2017 UN Women Featured Intern - 2017 Joint Inspection Unit Review Intern Representative

More about Ellie

Current Position: United Nations Women - HR Consultant

Undergrad Degree: Dual Degrees in Business Administration & English Literature

Prior Work Experience:

  • Ernst & Young - HR Specialist
  • HTC Corporations - Instructional Design Specialist