Students in a large open-plan creative work environment with many large computer monitors

One major, countless work experiences

ILR's worldwide network opens doors to a large variety of domestic and international internships, which provide students with opportunities to develop their strengths while exploring different career paths. During summer, winter, and semester-long internships, students apply skills learned in the classroom while gaining valuable work experience. Several types of internships are available to ILR students to explore the world of work.

Freshman Externship Program (FEX)

FEX participants explore diverse career paths and network with alumni during winter break by shadowing professionals in ILR fields. For more information, visit the FEX website.

Winter Intersession Program (WISP)

Each year in early January, sophomores, juniors, and seniors participating in WISP gain experience by completing work-related projects during a two or three week internship with corporations, unions, non-profits, and public agencies. For more information, visit the WISP website.

Credit Internship Program

Exclusive to ILR, the credit internship program provides students with the opportunity to earn a semester of academic credit while working off campus at a domestic or international organization. More than 200 sponsored internships are available at corporate, nonprofit, government, labor, policy, research, and manufacturing organizations.


This program, open to all Cornell students who have completed at least the freshman year, allows students to spend a fall or spring semester in Washington, DC. The program integrates a community-based internship with academic coursework. Students spend three days a week interning at a location of their choice and two days taking Cornell University courses, all while earning a full semester of academic credit. Students live in Cornell University’s Wolpe Center in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. View the Cornell in Washington website.

Cornell in Hollywood

Gain a comprehensive introduction to the entertainment industry through this summer internship in the Los Angeles area.