Applying to ILR

Successful applicants to ILR have a record of academic success, extracurricular activities or work experiences that have exposed them to ILR-related topics, and a strong understanding of how the School can help them explore and impact issues that are important to them. Our selection committee will look at your application carefully to get a clear picture of your background, your interests, and your potential for succeeding at Cornell. If you think ILR  is where you belong, please feel free to contact us so that we can assist you with any questions you have about the program or application process.

For general information about Cornell's application process, you will also want to review Cornell's Undergraduate Admission Office (UAO) website.


If you will complete high school during the current academic year, if you are hoping to attend after your junior year in high school, or if you have graduated from high school but have earned fewer than 12 credits at a college or university, then apply as a first-year student.


If you are (or have been) a full-time college student, or if you have earned 12 or more credits at a college or university since graduating from high school, then apply as a transfer student.

For visiting students, if you want to enroll for up to two semesters and take a full program of study, apply as a visiting student using the transfer application. Please note that you will not be a candidate for a Cornell degree or receive financial aid if you pursue the visiting student option.

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