Catherwood Library

A student sits at a desk and reads in Catherwood Library

The resources and staff members of the Catherwood Library play an important role in helping students succeed in their classes. Catherwood's staff provide workshops throughout the year relevant to the interests and assignments of ILR students. This includes workshops and courses on:

  • Conducting legal research
  • Using Cornell Library databases to retrieve legislative history documents
  • Researching country- and company-specific statistical, economic, and best practices information
  • Understanding new options, advancements, and information available through Google Applications, Microsoft Office programs, and databases such as Lexis Nexis

The Catherwood Library is open 24 hours to ILR students with their student ID.

Distance learning

ILR uses multiple-party telecommunications technology to give the school a presence far beyond Ives Hall. Classrooms within the ILR School support technologies that are designed specifically for distance learning. They allow undergraduates at other institutions, as well as executives and other guest lecturers from around the world, to interact with ILR School professors and students during class.