Degree Programs

The Undergraduate Degree

One major, flexible curriculum

No two ILR students have identical academic programs. While ILR sets well-defined guidelines, you will have the freedom to make the program your own by drawing on the diversity of courses offered. General electives and courses to satisfy the distribution requirements can be taken at any time during the four years.

Graduate Degrees

The ILR School's unique depth and breadth sets it apart from other programs. No other educational institution has graduate programs in workplace studies that are as comprehensive, or have the number of faculty teaching and doing research on workplace issues in one school.

The curriculum is thorough, rigorous and comprehensive, combining experience and theory in innovative ways.

Professional Programs

The ILR School at Cornell University offers the most comprehensive portfolio of professional learning programs and training services focused on work and employment. ILR programs bring together the insight of leading academic researchers with instruction that is grounded in practice. Whatever workplace challenge or problem you face, ILR has the depth of knowledge and expertise to help you find solutions.