Programs for Economic Transitions

Meeting the Needs of Today's Global Economy

Transforming good ideas into practical solutions


Programs for Economic Transitions (PET) provides labor and management leaders educational programs and access to best practices to develop high performing work systems to improve the quality of services and working conditions of employees.

Technical assistance, intensive workshops, and access to applied research is available to union and management leaders to help them implement high involvement, high performing organizations. PET activities enable key leaders to anticipate and respond to the challenges of our global workplace.

Union Merger Project

As result of the challenges that unions face today, unions are exploring and implementing mergers (internal and external) to increase and maximize resources, speak with a more unified and powerful voice, and move toward a more efficient model in which larger unions could represent workers possibly more effectively. These activities could also become a catalyst for internal restructuring activities of unions.

Cornell University's Union Merger Project is a resource for unions to use to learn about the benefits, risks and costs of union mergers as a potential tool for growth. Case studies, research activities, and technical assistance are available to help analyze the appropriateness of a potential merger.

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