Fundamental Negotiation Skills (LR311)

Negotiation is a basic means for resolving conflict and disputes in the workplace, home, and community. This workshop takes participants through a series of role plays and experiential learning situations to understand and practice fundamental negotiation skills and approaches to one-on-one, small group, and collective negotiations settings in the workplace.

Participants will gain insight into their own negotiation biases, weaknesses, and strengths, and build negotiation confidence and competency.

  • Communication skills for effective negotiations
  • Structuring negotiations to yield the best outcomes
  • Positional and interest-based negotiation approaches
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Sally Klingel

Sally Klingel, Director of Labor-Management Relations Programming for the Scheinman Institute at Cornell University ILR School, is an experienced practitioner of participatory organizational change and negotiation strategies in both the public and private sectors. She specializes in the design and implementation of conflict and negotiation systems, labor-management partnerships, work redesign, strategic planning and change processes, and leadership development.

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